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The first AMA sanctioned vintage Motogiro USA run by the United States Classic Racing Association got off to a wet start from Plattekill Ski Resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York State as the remnants of hurricane Ivan dropped five inches of rain during the night prior to the start. With heavy rain still falling into the morning of the start, the organizers opted to run the one Sunday section on Saturday and run the two Saturday sections on Sunday. Doing this would allow an early Saturday afternoon start with hopefully improved weather conditions. As this program modification was being presented to the participants at the riders meeting, word came from the State Police that all roads in the county had been closed due to flash flooding. The start of the MotoGiro was on hold. MotoGiro USA is an outgrowth of the very popular and historic MotoGiro d’Italia that has been revived recently in Italy. Loosely translated from the Italian, it means a motorcycle tour. Historically in Italy, it was a race for small production motorcycles on the public roads in order to draw attention to market brands and increase motorcycle sales. The recent Italian revival of the MotoGiro d’ Italia is now primarily for small displacement vintage motorcycles built prior to 1957. In 1957, all motor racing on public roads in Italy ceased due to a horrific car racing accident in the auto equivalent of the Motogiro d’Italia. Several members of the USCRA had participated in the newly revived Italian MotoGiro and proposed a similar event for North America. The United States Classic Racing Association picked up on the theme of a small displacement vintage road enduro with displacement and year modifications to more closely align with the small displacement bike boom in North America. A year of detail planning went into the event, a suitable location was selected and sections were set through the picturesque and very rural Catskill Mountains of New Your State. Four displacement classes up to 250 cc and a 1968-year cutoff attracted a great variety of machines. A low average speed was set to enable the participants to have a leisurely tour on the demanding and scenic roads. Each participant had a start time and a section end time that had to be met to incur no penalty points. Meeting those section times would be relatively easy if the rider didn’t get lost en-route. The real winning and losing of the event would take place in the Ability Tests, an integral part of the MotoGiro that are incorporated in the sections. At the Ability Tests the participant would have to ride an electronically timed 20 meter course in a pre announced time through a slalom of cones. The set time requires slow precision riding and was timed to a 1/1000th of a second. As the skies cleared, twenty-three hardy participants set off in rain gear on the big adventure that would create unbelievable enthusiasm and camaraderie through adversity. From the smallest machine, a Sears 50cc to the oldest with Dave Roper riding a Moto Guzzi 250 Aerone, an unbelievable seventeen different manufacturers were represented. These included Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Velocette, Morini, NSU, Benelli, Puch, CZ, Ducati, Bridgestone, Moto Guzzi, BSA, Gilera, Bultaco, Parilla, and Sears. The terrain and the weather tested these vintage machines to their maximum. The section done on Saturday was close to 100 miles long, and the two sections on Sunday totaled 120 miles. Road closures due to flash flooding on Saturday necessitated the riders finding alternative routes around the raging rivers. Noted road racer from the 1960’s, Frank Camilleri, entered one of these flooded roads on his small Yamaha only to bury it under water and almost get swept away by the current. Dragging his machine back to high ground, the two-stroke motor was emptied of its water and restarted to eventually finish first in the 125 class. The sight of that near catastrophe deterred others from the temptation to try and ride through.


  • MotoGiro-East

    May 2nd,3rd,4th 2014

    Jack Cole Takes the MotoGiro-East to Cooperstown for some great roads for the Spring 2014 event. The Creator of the Jack Cole covered Bridge Tour takes us for another great ride in the country side. This is a perfect way to start your new season off. dust off that vintage motorcycle, fill the fuel, check the oil and call your friends. If you would like to ride this event for would like more information. feel free to contact us... Click Here to download your MotoGiro-East Entry Form

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  • MotoGiro-USA

    Sept 26th, 27th, 28th
    If you are looking for a great New England fall ride, this is what your looking for. with a 1968 or earlier or a 305cc or smaller motorcycle, scooter, or sidecar; you can join many others from around the world as they assemble for this annual event. we can't think of a better why to ride through the New England foliage. Come ride with us..... Click Here to download your MotoGiro-USA Entry Form

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  • MotoGiro-South

    TBA 2014
    The MotoGiro-south was a huge success with it's debut in Alabama during the Barber Vintage Celebration. as far away as France, vintage riders came together to tour an unforgettable country side. we were blown away with the roads and views. the MotoGiro-South gave a hole new meaning to southern comfort. join in on our next tour as we set sights on many new memories in the south..... Click Here to download your MotoGiro-South Entry Form

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  • Pewter Run

    October 5th 2014
    The Pewter Run will be back for 2013. We are working on putting together a great event for this season. New locations are on the table as the 2012 location was a huge success. so check back for updates on the 2013 Pewter Run

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  • Racing Events in the USCRA

  • US Vintage GP

    May 19th 2014
    Kicking of 2013 with the first USCRA Vintage Road Racing event. the US Vintage GP will set the stage for an exciting new summer at NHMS. come to race or come to watch. get your pit pass and meet the racers and some of the best race teams in vintage racing today. for more information about the USCRA

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  • Laconia Bike Week

    June 14-15th/2014
    Laconia, NH has been the hot spot for Motorcycles since 1916. These oldest Motorcycle events in the country like the Gypsy tour and Motorcycle Road racing. USCRA will once again put a mark in History with the FIM Sanctioned Event. If you would like to watch the race or take a lap on the track contact us and we will get you started....

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  • Vintage Road Racing

    August 14th, 15th
    USCRA Vintage Road Racing Event. 2 full days of fast bikes and great racing. come see the amazing sidecar races as they battle for the 1st place prize

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  • Granite State Championship

    September 1st
    The Grand daddy of them all. the 2013 finale Granite state Championship. who will be crowned class champion in 2013. take a walk in the pits to watch your season rider pull for this place in history..

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