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Who We Are...

The MotoGiro USA is a motorcycle event promoted by the United States Classic Racing Association (USCRA). It’s a two-day skill event for small displacement classic motorcycles, scooters and sidecar rigs on public roads. The riders are given written directions and a timetable to complete each of three sections in a specific time. And there are a number of rider skill tests each competitor must do to qualify.

Remember, this is a timed ride (not a race) Speeds average from 25 to 35mph. Motorcycles are 1968 or older models with displacement no larger than 305cc. We have seen motorcycles from all makes from Aermacchi, CZ, NSU, BMW, Benelli, Ossa to Honda Suzuki and Jawa’s Teams are also often created for riders that wish to ride this event with family and friends. Riders come from as close at NH and as far as Hawaii & Norway

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Posted: Thu May 13, 2010 6:40 pm
"You know what's cool about you guys. I've gotten several messages from new giro riders that rode the last giro, and the one thing they all mention is the inclusiveness of the club. They all said that rather than feeling like an outsider, they felt like they know the people all their lives."


Motor Speedway Loudon, NH – Join your community in the fight to end cancer!
Participate in the 'USCRA - Laps for a Cure' held in conjunction with The United States Classic Racing Association's Granite State Championship Vintage Motorcycle Races on Monday, September, 2, 2013.
All proceeds from the "USCRA - Laps for a Cure" event will be donated to help the American Cancer Society in its fight against cancer.

MotoGiro News

  • Registration opens for the September 2014 MotoGiro

    The USCRA will open registration for the 2014 MotoGiro-USA on July 1, 2014. This fall we tour the Poconos in PA. You can download the entry form and the volunteer form. here.
    If you have any questions, please contact us at info@motoGiro-usa.com »

  • Welcome Brooks Leathers

    We would like to welcome Brooks Leathers to the MotoGiro-USA team. Member so the Books leather team have been long time MotoGiro-USA participants and recognized the mission of this vintage event,
    Brooks is the proud manufacture high quality Made in America line of motorcycle leathers. All of Brooks Leathers are made by American craftsmen and women. Hand assembled in the Brooks factory, using the finest zippers, snaps, linings and other components. So Welcome Brooks Leathers to the USCRA MotoGiro-USA team.
    For more information, contact Brooks Leathers today …

  • Welcome Bennett Motors

    We are excited to announce that Bennett Motors as joined the MotoGiro-East. Bennett Motors has been a pillar of the Motorcycle Community in the Cooperstown, NY area. They’re very own Ray Bennett Jr is an active member of the USCRA . Since Ray’s debut in 2009, he has proven to be a serious competitor in a series of classes on his vintage CB450, CB350, CB160 and Yamaha. Ray has also been an active participant and winner of the MotoGiro-USA.
    This season Bennett Motors welcomes us to their back yard. From sheet rollers, rain suits and helmets to cables, lights, and a full experience shop in their arsenal, Bennett Motors can help keep you stay on the MotoGiro-Routes.
    To find out more about Bennett Motors, visit their website or stop by today…

  • Bring the MotoGiro-East to you

    Would you like to bring the MotoGiro-east to your area? Let us know. We are always entertaining new areas to explore for the MotoGiro-USA. Shoot us an email or stop by registration at the next USCRA event. We would love to see what you have in mind.

    Contact us at info@motogiro-usa.com today

  • North East Motor Sports Museum

    " On the Board of Directors of the Racing History Preservation Group is the Owner and Director of the USCRA Bob Coy. The museum is a proposed 20,000 square foot facility that will be located on the grounds of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. the museum will be home to an extensive collection of race cars, trophies, helmets, engines, motorcycles, books, photographs, newspapers, videos, magazines and memorabilia that represents a cross-section of the rich North East racing history."

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  • Classified Ads

    Are you looking to sell your Vintage MotoGiro Eligible motorcycle? or are you looking for one. Post it here! it's free. just send your description is picture of the part or bike you wish to sell.

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  • Shop MotoGiro-USA

    Did you miss your chance to buy a shirt an one of our MotoGiro, Pewter Run or USCRA race events? he's your chance. from limited MotoGiro-Prints to that ball cap you see all the riders wearing. we may have it here. come see what we have listed today. after all it may not be there tomorrow.

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